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Evidence-Based Practices and Metrics


Excelencia in Education, through its Examples of Excelencia, seeks to broaden the scope of knowledge surrounding effective practices for Latino students and bring attention to the noteworthy work that may be overlooked by traditional best-practices models. An evidence-based practice uses data to show student success in ways unique to each program— showing our commitment to meeting programs where they are.


Explore metrics to measure your impact

The following resources share how data and metrics are helpful in the impact of a program serving students. The resources are also designed for program practitioners that are exploring metrics as they work on their submission for Examples of Excelencia. Practitioners can reference these materials as an exercise in assessing their evidence of effectiveness.

Click the images below to view these resources.

Comparable Data Sets

This tool is a suggestive list of national public datasets to find comparable data to strengthen your program’s narrative about impact. 


Potential Metrics by Programmatic Issue Area


This tool aggregates ideas for potential metrics based on Excelencia in Education’s issue areas (Academic Program, Access, Retention, Support Services, and Transfer).


Role of Metrics: Data Accelerating Latino Student Success


This tool is a brief outline on developing program metrics for practitioners looking to develop or strengthen how they measure the impact of their program. 


Excelencia in Education’s Latino College Completion Factsheets

This tool explores Excelencia’s most recent analysis of public data on enrollment, degree completion, and degree attainment for each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the country as a whole.