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Missed the 2024 deadline? You can still engage with what works for Latino students. 


Excelencia has tools and resources available that are designed to encourage program leaders to take inventory of their current programming:

  1. Make a plan for your 2025 program profile submission.
  2. Participate in our community of practice events.
  3. Connect with other program leaders recognized by Excelencia by searching the Growing What Works Database for programs with evidence of effectiveness in accelerating Latino student success.
  4. Look up U.S. Latino College Completion with our national and state-by-state analysis of public data on enrollment, degree completion, degree attainment, and more.


Examples of Excelencia Program Profile Submission Guide

In the past, programs that participated in Examples of Excelencia asked our team for guidance on how to craft a compelling program profile submission form that effectively shares their impact in supporting Latino student success in higher education. Download the guide to help you consider prompts like the following:

  • How do you know your program is intentionally serving Latino students? 
  • What outcomes do you track to show effectiveness for Latino students?
  • How does program staff reflect the students being served?


Access the Examples of Excelencia Program Profile Submission Guide

Our team recommends downloading a copy of the 2024 Examples of Excelencia Program Profile Submission Guide to review our criteria and reference this document as you craft your submission. By submitting a profile, you have the opportunity to assess your program through:

  • Disaggregating program participant and outcome data to document the program’s success in serving Latino students.
  • Examining the alignment of goals, data, and practices within a program.
  • Describing staff and budget resources through a lens of program sustainability.


Click to download the Program Profile Submission Guide.

Click to download a copy of the Profile Submission Form.