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Why Excelencia in Education recognizes what works for Latino students: 

Excelencia in Education's mission is to help accelerate Latino student success in higher education by bringing together research, policy, and practice.  Part of our effort includes bringing attention to programs and practices that work for Latinos. By sharing evidence-based programs that have proven their success with Latino students, we can help influence how other communities and academic institutions serve the nation’s fastest growing ethnic population. We believe that by sharing program success stories we help bring attention to efforts that may otherwise go unnoticed. By sharing program stories our hope is that institutions, communities, institutional presidents, foundations, policy makers, and others are made aware of their efforts and can help strengthen them.

Examples of Excelencia is not only a platform to bring attention to these efforts, but also helps create a community of common cause wherein stakeholders of America’s future are strengthening the workforce and citizens of tomorrow. Our platform allows us to share these evidence-based practices so that others may learn from them, replicate them, and/or improve their methods of serving Latino students.