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The Role of Metrics

Examples of Excelencia is the only national effort to identify and promote evidence-based practices that help accelerate Latino student success in higher education. Through a year-long process, we identify, review, and promote programs at colleges, universities, and community-based organizations who are effectively serving Latino students. To identify programs who are doing well by Latino students, Excelencia seeks to receive program data exemplifying effectiveness of practice for the students they are serving. 

As a program practitioner, you can use data to show your program’s effectiveness. Data and metrics are tools that help paint a measurable picture of the impact your program’s practices are having.

To better understand how data and metrics are helpful in accelerating Latino student success, please view the following resources below. These resources are also useful for program practitioners who may not feel their program is ready to apply for Examples of Excelencia, yet are looking for guidance on how their program can become ready to apply.

Role of Metrics: Data Accelerating Latino Student Success

Potential Metrics by Program Issue Area