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About the Examples of Excelencia Annual Cycle

The annual Examples of Excelencia cycle is a year-long effort. Learn about the phases that occur on an annual basis to identify and promote work that is intentionally serving Latino and other post-traditional students.

Call for Program Profile Submissions and Nominations

Beginning the first week of February, programs at the associate, baccalaureate, graduate, or at the community-based organization level have the opportunity to submit a program profile submission for Examples of Excelencia. The deadline to provide a profile submission is 11:59 pm EST/8:59 pm PST on the posted due date for that year. A nomination is not required in order to submit a profile submission. 

Individuals also have the ability to nominate a program or to also self-nominate their programs. Nominations help the Excelencia staff stay connected with programs. All nominated programs are alerted of their nomination for Examples of Excelencia and are encouraged to complete a program profile submission for that year. Only programs that provide a completed profile submission are considered for that year's cycle.

Program Profile Submission Review

Once the program profile submission period closes, Excelencia staff reviews all completed profile submissions and selects a set of finalists and other notable programs in each of the four levels: associate, baccalaureate, graduate, and community-based organizations.

Selected Examples of Excelencia Finalists are then forwarded to an external committee of national experts for final review. The external selection committee selects one program from each of the four levels as the Example of Excelencia for their exemplary efforts in accelerating Latino student success.

Examples of Excelencia Finalists Announcement

Examples of Excelencia Finalists and Programs to Watch are personally notified by our team before the national announcement of recognized programs.

Recognized programs are publicly announced via Excelencia in Education's national network.

Examples of Excelencia Announcement (Celebración de Excelencia)

Programs selected as the Examples of Excelencia for their level are personally notified by our team to coordinate promotional and recognition materials for Celebración de Excelencia.

The four Examples of Excelencia are announced at the annual Celebración de Excelencia, held in Washington, DC.

A Conversation with the Examples of Excelencia and Program Convenings

The four selected Examples of Excelencia are invited to share more about their programs with fellow practitioners in a plenary discussion following Celebración. This discussion can be held in-person or virtually in any given year. 

In addition, recognized programs are invited to an in-person meeting following Celebración where they will have the opportunity to learn from their fellow program leaders. This convening is meant to build community among program leaders so they can stay connected beyond the annual cycle.

Beyond the Examples of Excelencia Cycle

Promotion of Examples of Excelencia recognized programs continues beyond our national release of programs. Recognized programs are promoted throughout the year via Excelencia's publications, media releases, and social media platforms. Programs also have an opportunity to engage in Excelencia's upcoming research opportunities and programming available to our network. Programs become part of our Excelencia in Action network and are convened in cohort-based conversations to share and learn about their efforts with other practitioners.

Learn more about how recognized programs are promoted here.