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Nominate a Program for Examples of Excelencia

Welcome! Thank you for choosing to nominate a program for Examples of Excelencia.

How to Nominate a Program

Nominating a program takes less than 5 minutes! We encourage you to nominate several programs. You will only need a point of contact for the program you are nominating. Nominator information is not shared with nominated programs.

Please click on the link below to nominate a program. Consider creating an account to nominate a program. Creating an account makes it easier to nominate several programs at once, save your progress on a nomination, and return year after year to nominate programs. Otherwise, submit a program nomination as a "guest."

Nominations are now closed, but you can still log in HERE.

What to Expect After Nominating a Program

After nominating a program, a confirmation message should appear on your screen. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email you provided in the nomination form.

If you do not receive either message, please contact our program team at: Examples@EdExcelencia.org.

All nominated programs will be notified by our program team of their nomination for the 2022 Examples of Excelencia. Programs will be encouraged to complete a 2022 Examples of Excelencia program profile submission form. Only programs who provide a completed submission form will be considered for the 2022 Examples of Excelencia.